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Fig.1 - I tried to buy a snake sticker for my car. Most of the snake stickers on Amazon were for the don't tread on me crowd, so I bought one that seemed safe and cute. It turned out to be the size of a worm...

Did you know there was a snake cafe hidden in Clyde's game?

You know who was born year of the snake? I WAS!

The caption for this costume online reads: IRRATIONAL FEAR Did you know that the #2 most common fear is snakes? We can’t figure out why. Yeah, we’ve heard stories about snakes jumping out at unsuspecting humans, but we’re sure they always have a good reason. And sure, we’ve read some ancient stories about giant snakes that would make anyone nervous. But from everything we’ve seen, snakes seem harmless. They’re great at snuggling. Whenever they see a friend they weren’t expecting to visit, they hug them with their entire body. We’ve seen their friends lulled into a calm sleep; it’s clear they’re comforted by seeing their friend again too. When a snake is startled by a person, instead of immediately trying to scare them back, they let the person know they’re there with a soft whisper or rattling song. If you let them, they’ll twist right up your arm or body and give you a good squeeze (like they would a friend). Sometimes they’ll even give you a nice nibble of affection. It really is a mystery to us why people have a phobia of snakes. PRODUCT DETAILS In this Slither Snake Costume, you’ll get to enjoy the affection of a snake! Don’t worry about searching the jungle for a man-sized snake to snuggle. This soft fiber-filled snake is ready to wrap itself around your leg and torso without fear of slipping. You’ll enjoy their companionship as they gently kiss the top of your head with their entire mouth. Don’t be worried about it, that’s a snake’s favorite way to get a good grip on their favorite humans. You should feel safe in the embrace of this giant snake! BREATH TAKING Take everyone’s breath away at your next costume party with this Slither Snake Costume. Whether you and your guests love or hate snakes, everyone will be impressed by your willingness to get wrapped up in a snake’s embrace!
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I'll never finish this painting.